Montana Great Bernese

Great Bernese Origin Breeds

The Great Bernese, a captivating crossbreed, blends the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog with the noble Great Pyrenees. Originating from Switzerland and France, respectively, these parent breeds possess distinct yet complementary qualities. The Bernese Mountain Dog brings loyalty and gentle demeanor, while the Great Pyrenees contributes strength and protective instincts. Together, they create a remarkable hybrid renowned for its beauty, intelligence, and loving nature, making them cherished companions for families worldwide.

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Parent Breeds

Dolly (Great Pyrenees)

Dolly is a pure bred Great Pyrenees female. Dolly was born to a LGD breeder in San Antonio, TX. She is now the keeper of Charis Farm, and all of its residents. Dolly's healthy weight is about 90-100 lbs. Dolly is incredibly sweet and mild mannered. She roams the farm freely, without any need for containment. She loves to bond with the livestock and poultry, and continuously protects the farm from predators such as foxes, coyotes, mountain lions, and bears. Her thick coat keeps her comfy through the harsh Montana winters. More than anything, she loves to spend time with her human family, which she fits right in to.

Great Pyrenees


(Bernese Mountain Dog)

Monty is a pure bred, registered Bernese Mountain Dog. Being true to his breed, he is incredibly loving, gentle, and playful. He loves kids, and does great with other dogs as well. His sturdy frame and posture boast top quality Bernese genetics.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a versatile working breed hailing from the Swiss Alps. These sturdy dogs are known for their striking tri-color coat of black, rust, and white, coupled with their friendly and gentle demeanor. Originally used for herding cattle and pulling carts, they excel in various roles such as therapy work, obedience, and agility. Affectionate and eager to please, Bernese Mountain Dogs form strong bonds with their families, though they require regular exercise and grooming due to their size and coat length.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, originating from the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain, is a majestic and imposing breed known for its strength, grace, and gentle disposition. Renowned for centuries as guardians of flocks and families, these noble giants are characterized by their thick, white coats and serene demeanor. With their loyalty, intelligence, and natural protective instincts, Great Pyrenees make exceptional companions and devoted guardians, embodying both regal elegance and unwavering loyalty.



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